Dual Credit is a college-level course of study offered to high school students. High school students who enroll in a dual enrollment program with Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) earn both high school and college credit for the same class upon successful completion of the course requirements (up to 12 credit hours per academic year).

The following courses are eligible for Dual Credit in this program:

DraftingElectricityHealthInformation Technology
CAD 100
Intro. to Computer Aided Design

CAD 102
Drafting Fundamentals
ELT 110
Circuits 1 and Lab

EET 254/255
Elec. Construction 1 and Lab

EET 270/271
Electrical Motor Controls and Lab
AHS 115
Medical Terminology

NAA 100
Nursing Asst. Skills 1

NAA 100
Nursing Asst. Skills 1
CIT 160
Intro. to Networking Concepts

CIT 111
Computer Hardware/Software
Machine ToolWeldingOffice
CMM 114
Fundamentals of Machine Tools

CMM 124
Applied Machining
WLD 120/121
Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Lab

WLD 140/141
Gas Metal Arc Welding/Lab
OST 235
Business Communications

OST 105
Intro. to Information Systems

In addition to the Dual Credit options above we also have an Articulation Agreement with Hopkinsville Community Collge (HCC). The Articulation Agreement allows a student to present a high school transcript showing completion of courses at the ATC and in turn will be awarded the equivelent college credit hours at HCC for the course. The courses taught that meet the guidelines are:

DraftingElectricityHealthInformation TechnologyMachine ToolWelding
CAD 100, CAD 200, CAD 120/201/220, CAD 262 EET 154/155, EET 250, EET 252/253 NAA 100 CIT 105, CIT 160 MTT 110, MTT 112, MTT 120, MTT 122, BRX 110 Certificate ONLY, non-transferrable courses
WLD 100/101, WLD 110/111, WLD 120/121, WLD 123, WLD 130/131, WLD 133, WLD 140/141, WLD 143, WLD 151/152, WLD 170/171, WLD 220/221